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Meet A Vollie

Billy "Hanga" Brush Turkey


​Billy's nickname "Hanga" comes from the fact that one of his wings hangs down all the time but he can fly when he wants to.


While no one is sure how long Billy has been volunteering with Kumbartcho, he enjoys it so much that he is here seven days a week.


He has even made a number of homes for Mrs Brush Turkey and their children on the grounds.


His latest one is in the Main Car Park Garden and it is on both sides of the Playground Fence.


This keeps him extra busy trying to get the nesting material through the holes in the fence wire.


He likes to work by himself and clears more leaves than anyone else, although he tends to make a mess of the paths in the process.


In fact he and one of the other Volunteers (Gazza) have such a great time, with Billy raking leaves on to the path and Gazza raking them back, that they could do it all day.

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