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Partnering with Kumbartcho’s Garden Consultancy service can help you to make all the work you put in to your property more effective.

With us, you will be able to better understand what is already growing on your property (both good and bad), what plants best suit your ecosystem and provide you the resources to make better choices as your garden develops.

A qualified Horticulturist will come to your property and provide you with advice on a range of topics as required:

  • Garden and Revegetation Design;

  • Bush Regeneration;

  • Plant Selection;

  • Erosion Control;

  • Pruning and Trimming;

  • Plant and Weed Identification and

  • Pest and Disease Identification and Management.


On the initial visit, you will be provided with a folder containing the following resources:

  • An aerial view of your property and its boundaries;

  • A Regional Ecosystem Plant List specific to your property;

  • Two Books:

    • Key to Identifying Local Gum Trees;

    • The Creek in Your Backyard – A Habitat Restoration Guide;

  • A selection of specific Wildlife Habitat Brochures and

  • A $50 Voucher for Native Plants from Kumbartcho Nursery to get your project off to a good start.


All of the above plus 2 hours minimum (including travel time) for only:

$187.00 ($50 deposit when booking) (GST inc.)

Extra Hours charged at $66.00 (GST Inc.)

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