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Wild for Nature - Nest Boxes

Nest boxes, like natural hollows that have formed over many years, come in many shapes and sizes and are used by different species.

A tree hollow or a nest box suitable for a small insectivorous bat is completely different to that used by a large Powerful Owl.

Choosing the right nest box for your property can depend on what animals you have observed in the area, which animals you would like to attract to your property, and whether your property is lacking certain sized nesting hollows in surrounding trees.

Join our presenter Jay Schieder - Conservation Manager Kumbartcho Nursery, as he explains the importance of nest boxes, shares some different plans for nest boxes and what you will need to do to encourage wildlife to use them.

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​Yuraba Conference Centre

240 Church Road



​Friday 28 February 2020     ​9:30 am till 11:30 am

COST -  

$15/person ​(Workshop and delicious Morning Tea included)


Jerry Coleby-Williams

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Australian Plants for High Impact Displays

Some familiar and beautiful Australian plants could be displayed better, while other equally beautiful natives are far less familiar and are rarely displayed.


With a little thought, and a few tips, none are difficult to grow.


All are durable, and some require testing conditions (like dry weather) to bring out the best in them.


Other countries know them and they already grow them.


Every garden, street and park has space for at least one Australian gem:

                    Let's celebrate !

Join us for a fascinating morning with our mate Jerry and get ideas for inspirational native plant displays at your place!

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For further enquiries, please phone (07) 3325 3492


Yuraba Conference Centre

240 Church Road



Thursday November 7 2019     

​9:30 am till Noon

COST -  

$25/person ​(Workshop and Morning Tea included)

  Gardening by the Bay / Gardening by Moreton Bay

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Join Jerry Coleby-Williams from Gardening Australia as he reveals some of the charismatic plants of the Singapore Botanical Gardens and Gardens by the Bay of Singapore and helps you create a Garden by Moreton Bay for yourself!

His experience in plant selection is second to none and he will assist you to create a subtropical paradise at home.

This workshop will include a plant starter pack and a delicious morning tea.


Jerry will also take the time to answer some of your tricky gardening questions!

Join us for this wonderful morning!

Where - Yuraba Conference Centre

            240 Church Road

            Eatons Hill QLD

When -  Saturday February 10 2018

            9:00 am till 11:30 am

Cost  -   $25/person (Morning Tea Included)


Jan 03, 2023

12:00 PM

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